OFVO Intro Letter


Date: October 5, 2006
RE:”Paranoid Park”

My name is Bob Schmaling; I am Senior Project Manager for the Oregon Film and Video Office (OFVO). The OFVO is a state agency charged with recruiting film and video production to our state and facilitating it in whatever manner appropriate once it is here. It is in this capacity that I am writing this letter to request your help.

By way of introduction Sara is a well respected, professional location manager who has been working in Oregon’;s film and video industry for many years. As a freelance film and video worker, Sara works on a project-by-project basis for many different production companies. She is a very experienced and conscientious location manager and is instrumental in bringing numerous projects to Oregon.

Sara is working on a project that has special interest for the OFVO. The director, Gus Van Sant, is not only a very well known and respected director but he also serves on the Board of Directors for the OFVO. In addition, the “Paranoid Park” production has qualified for both the “Oregon Production Investment Fund” and the “Greenlight Labor” incentive programs. These are programs created by the Oregon legislature and wholly supported by Governor Kulongoski as a proactive means of bringing more film and video production to Oregon and supporting production that is created locally.

The film & video industry generates a more than $800 million per year impact on Oregon’s economy and helps to create the equivalent of 10,000 jobs. It’s important to understand that the income created by the film & video industry doesn’t just go to crew and equipment vendors but to caterers, hotels, builders, restaurants, cleaners, car rental companies, stores of all types and many other businesses large and small.

Our state’s success in this industry is directly tied to the availability of and cooperation from filming locations, whether privately or publicly owned. I understand that there may not be significant economic benefit to you for assisting the production that Sara represents but I would ask that you take the broadest view possible and see that whatever can be done to keep film and video production coming to Portland and Oregon will make our economy stronger, benefiting us all.

Please feel free to give me a call at (503) 229-5832 if you have any further questions. And for more information on Oregon’s exciting film and video industry, visit our website at www.Oregonfilm.org.

– Bob Schmaling