“I have worked with Sara Burton since 2002 filming several commercials and catalog shoots at our home in West Linn. They have utilized much of our 6200sf home including the horse barn and surrounding 20 acres. The clients that Sara brings to us have proven to be great professionals and most importantly have left our home clean and back to normal. While some things get moved during the filming, they always get put back to their original place which continues to amazes me! It has been a great way to sit back and let the house earn some income of it’s own! I have used the location fees to do remodeling projects, update my patio and plant trees along our driveway. I say, film away!”
-Mindy G., Red Star Ranch – West Linn, OR

“We have had several projects filmed in our home (I’ve lost count, but probably 6 or 7) and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Our home is usually left in better condition at the end of the project than it was before the first crew member arrived! We have not had one negative experience, everyone involved has been respectful, friendly, and very accommodating to our son’s interest in all the big equipment! Whenever we see “Sara Burton” pop up on the caller ID we get very excited that perhaps another project will be filmed in our home! As a stay at home mom, it’s great to know I can still command the big bucks!”
Lori B., – Portland, OR



“The film and video industry has been wonderful for our business (Dry Cleaning Station ). It seems that whenever a major film comes into town, we get a phone call from their wardrobe department who heard about us from the previous film crew! We have done four (4) films now (generating about $15k in revenue) and have enjoyed working with each one. It has provided variety, interesting work and exciting opportunities for growth to our employees. Our company has grown in size and added very specialized capabilities and equipment to assure that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the costume professionals. We have also found that the fact that we have worked with some big-name films helps us to generate business in other areas (business accounts, contract cleaning, etc.). Being a Green company is an important part of our business model and it is great to partner with an industry that shares our common goals!”
Bill Bridgeman, Eco Dry Cleaner – Portland, OR

During the brisk temperatures of January, the Respond2 film crew warmed up in front of our fire after shooting all morning along the waterfront. All 20 cars and a few trucks easily parked in our adjacent lot and they were able to move to their next location on schedule. Elephants Deli has been glad to provide services to the Film and Video Industry in Portland for many years. We often provided on-set catering, boxed lunches and food to go for scouting expeditions, in-office lunch orders and hospitality areas where crews can come in and have a sit down meal while shooting. Elephants Deli believes that the Film and Video Industry is a cornerstone to our creative community and a great asset to our local economic health.
Pamela Henwood, Elephants Deli – Portland, OR