Film Inquiry Sample

Sample Location Inquiry


I am Location Scouting for a local Portland company who makes television
commercials. RESPOND2 ( has been established for over
15 years in the Portland market and has an excellent reputation for creating local
and national commercials. The commercial I am currently assigned to is HURRY
HOME ( Hurry Home is a subsidiary of Realty Tracker and
is used by both buyers and sellers to find realty services in the market they are

We would like to film a ficticious couple (actors) touring a home and then show
the exterior home with a hurry home realty sign in front. It is a 1 day shoot and
would take approximately 10-12 hours. The shoot date is sometime the first
week of August. We would pay the homeowner a location fee for allowing us to
film, provide insurance and a location agreement. The production company
takes steps to protect your property such as layout board for the floor and other
preventative measures as necessary. Many of us live and work in this
community, so it is of the utmost importance that we leave a property in good
condition and that the homeowner is happy with the experience.


  • Do a FILM INQUIRY at homes who meet the visual criteria and set an appointment to photograph
  • I come over and photograph the areas that are for consideration and then show the pictures to the Director and Producer.
  • Upon selecting the house with the “right look”, I then make an appointment to bring the Director and Producer by to make a final choice.
  • If your property is picked as the final choice, we negotiate a fee to pay you, provide proper insurance and do a location agreement. This agreement gives us ultimate rights to the film for our client and their marketing campaign and protects the property owner by agreeing to leave the property in good condition.
  • Also, by naming the homeowner as additionally insured, we protect them from liability exposure.

On the shoot date we would then arrive with a crew of approximately 25-30
people and film the chosen and agreed upon areas of the property. You would
be able to be home or run your errands or go to work after getting us going.
What ever you feel comfortable with.

Please feel free to call the Oregon Department of Film and Video to verify myself
and RESPOND2 at (503) 229-5832.

Best Wishes,

Sara Burton
Location Scout PLEASE CALL ME AT (503) 998-2793